Vacation Security Checklist


Before you go on vacation there are a few things you need to do!  

Vacation Security Check list

1.  Tell the post office to hold your mail

2.  Secure your windows. Replace broken screens, latches, and windowpanes.

3.  Secure gates and sheds.

4.  Trim shrubbery away from windows and doors

5.  Don’t hide house keys outside.  Give a neighbor a spare key. Ask them to get mail and newspapers,           put trash cans in front of your house on trash day, mow and rake the lawn, and/or park in the                   driveway.

6.  Turn off iron, ice-maker, electronics, and land line phone ringer.  You can even turn off your water             heater and save a ton!

7.  Leave automatic sprinklers on, put timers on lamps, and install motion-activated lights outside.  It             makes it look like someone's home!

8.   Leave draperies open slightly on upper floors.  Makes people think someone is watching.

9.  Don’t announce your absence with answering machine messages, notes on the door, or social media.

10.  Remove garage door openers and house keys from cars.

11.  Put valuables in safe-deposit box or strong box.

12.  Get a video doorbell or out side mounted camera.  Connects through an app straight to your smart           phone.