Media, PA - Welcome Home!

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Media, PA - Welcome Home!

Most think this town as a suburb of Philadelphia  - it is much more than that!  It is the county seat of Delaware County and is known as "Everybody's Hometown".  It is true, you do feel like you are coming home when you walk down the streets of Media.  It is a friendly, bustling town, as the county seat everything revolves around the court house, the town was designed with it being in the center with shopping areas, business districts and residential neighborhoods coexisting with the busy court schedule.

What we like best is State Street - part of the shopping district it has shops, and restaurants.

Restaurants: Azie, Brick & Brew, Buddy's Burgers, Iron Hill Brewery, Fellini Cafe, Margaret Kuo's, Stephens on State just to name a few.  

The Media Farmers Market:  An open air market that supports the "Eat Fresh, Buy Local" movement. You will find locally grown products as well as items hand crafted by the various vendors

The Media Theatre for the Performing Arts - It just went under a $1 million dollar renovation and has a very diverse line up - from children's plays, dramas, comedy, and concerts this venue has it all!

Dining Under the Stars:  Open air dining enjoyed every Wednesday evening from May to September.  State Street is shut down and participating restaurants put out tables on the street. Live music and entertainment.

America's Music Festival Series: Three series: "State Street Blues Stroll", "Americana Roots Ramble", and "Jazz by Night Celebration" 

Food & Craft Festival: Held in October this festival showcases the restaurants and quality artisans and crafters. 

Go to any or all of these events, meet the the neighbors of Media, PA - and you will see why you feel like you're home!